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PostSubject: RATED X DIVAS   Sun 16 May 2010, 10:23 am


+ 2 Time Divas Champion

Lately, Maryse has been rather dull IMO. Her work has been rather sloppy, and I miss where she used to be on Smackdown (when I really enjoyed her). This fued with Eve looks to be good for her, especially now that a fued is developing around them, and not just random matches. My suggestion? Send her to Smackdown as a face and fued with LayCool. I think a face turn is what she needs to show improvement in the ring and become a huge star. Turn her heel again down the track after she is developed further.


+ 3 Time Womens Champion
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When Melina returns from injury, I really hope to see her ring work better than ever. I really miss her innovativeness as a heel, and for that reason think that she should come back as a heel. Continuing the Melina/Maryse fued would be pointless. Melina should return as a strong heel like she originally was, and fued with Eve for the divas championship. Maybe in time send her back to Smackdown, but for now, Raw needs strong diva stars, heels in particular.


+ Divas Champion

Eve is really impressing me, as of late. Since her matches on Smackdown, I wanted more of her, and am so thrilled she won the divas championship. Although it was early, she has shown promise and consistency in her natural athletism and unique moves. I am interested in finding out how she will develop on Raw, and also in her fued with Maryse. I really hope she becomes over with the crowd, and does a McCool and becomes a great wrestler (I think she will, as McCool was around her level when she won the divas title). I see a great future for Eve, and could be a top superstar in a years time if built up right.


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Its really sad what Gail has amounted to in the WWE now. They have one of the greatest womens wrestlers alive today in their grasp, yet they are treating her as a jobber and a nobody. Give her a proper fued, and watch her develop. Gvie her a damn gimmick for a start. She deserves at least one womens title run, though she should have a lot more than that. WWE obviously invested in bringing her back, so make her the face of the division. A top face like she was in TNA.


+ Divas Champion

Another under-utilized WWE diva who deserves to be the face of the division. She would have been great if used right. On Smackdown, she was on par with Melina in becoming the face of the WWE, alongside Mickie and Beth. She was the top Smackdown Diva for a while, then they turned her heel and it all fell apart. My suggestion? Turn her face, send her to Smackdown repackaged and have her win the Womens championship like she deserves. Its a joke knowing how much potential she has that is wasted.


The gem of the WWE. I really would like to see her capture a title and get a deserved push down the track. Have her fued with Eve for something different, and have her capture the title. She shines as a heel and a face, so it doesn't matter which direction WWE take with her, as long as they give her won.


+ 3 Time Womens Champion

With Mickie gone, Beth should be built as the face and strongest force of the divas division. I really would love for her to topple Trish's record womens championships. Its a shame her title reign was cut short with injury, but I feel she will come back stronger than ever and win the gold back again. Keep her as a face, because she just seems to lack something as a heel. Being a face is so natural for her.


Kelly Kelly improved so fast in the beginning of her career (she was terrible), then suddenly she just stopped, and looks the same now as she did a year ago in the ring. I really would love to see her improve, because she has what many divas lack, in fanbase. She is one diva who shouldn't be shoved down our throats at this stage in her career.


+ Womens Champion

As of late, Layla has really impressed me, and I see a great future for her. She didn't win the divas championship, she won the Womens Championship...The big one! This in itself shows that WWE wants to make something of Layla, and I can see why. Her ring work is stella, and her character is moreso developed than most of the divas in the WWE. Keep her in LayCool and build her as a credible champ and wrestler, then have her turn face and fued with Michelle. By that time, I think we will have a star.


This woman should also be the future and top face of the division. I like what they are doing with her now, developing her character as manager of the tag champs. I really think this Hart fanbase will rub off on her when she enters the division, so things are finally looking up for the Neidhart.


She's obviously garnering some good heat just from being apart of the SES. I'd love to see them get into a fued with the Hart Dynasty, as that would be epic! I like this anti-diva thing she has going on, and she is obviously passionate for the business for shaving her head for it. I see a bright future when she enters the division.


I really love this girl. She has shown promise in her matches so far, and is getting a character and over with the fans. She is rather charismatic too, though could always use work. I'd like to see her win a title within the next year or so, as I believe she will only continue to improve!

Couldn't be ef'ed waisting time on the Bellas...
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PostSubject: Re: RATED X DIVAS   Sun 16 May 2010, 3:07 pm

Maryse, Layla, Eve and Beth pictures are not showing sad

Where is Rosa?


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PostSubject: Re: RATED X DIVAS   Sun 16 May 2010, 3:17 pm

prolly on the same boat as Bellas



Check Out the newly refurbished AFW guys!!!
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PostSubject: Re: RATED X DIVAS   Sun 16 May 2010, 3:33 pm

You made some good points there. I hope Beth does topple Trish's record if anyone does. I will like to see her return as a face too. I think shes done better as a face then a heel.

I want Melina to go back to SD, I felt she was used a lot better on there.

I think Tiffany should be on Raw.

Maryse should be on Raw as well, since she does have the entertaining part down and Raw is more for entertainment, but I wonder how she will do as a face.

I think Alicia should feud with Eve after shes done with Maryse. Alicia really deserves a title run.

Nattie I do agree with and I want to see HD v SES in a feud. Insted of HD v Colons. :/

Like I said you made some good points, thanks for taking the time to do this.
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PostSubject: Re: RATED X DIVAS   

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