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 Some People don't know this about me.

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The Un-Average ROHbot
The Un-Average ROHbot

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PostSubject: Some People don't know this about me.   Thu 22 Dec 2011, 8:21 pm

I like to write ALOT, and I wrote this last night and I got alot of private messages after i posted it on Facebook saying it was awesome and deep, I wrote this last night after spending all night (Non-Pervy way Suspect ) with a girl that Ive known for years and Ive always had feelings for her, so yea, heres what I wrote.

"You could have told me the world was going to end in 1 hour, and I wouldn't have cared, that's how much I wanted her, I spent every chance I could with her tonight. To be with her is all I plead for. When I look into her eyes, I see Life, When I look into life I see her eyes. We laugh, We Cry, We Smile, All that's great. but The greatest feeling is to Love her, and the better one would have to be loved by her. Every time I see her, its like someone, Rolled the curtains back, Hit the lights and the magic happened, and then. we go our separate ways its like the audience is disappointed that I didn't do my best to show my love even if I showed it 100%. But that's not enough for her, I have to go above and beyond to be with her and make her happy and I understand that."

any thoughts? and Ive got an idea to write to her with her seeing it but not knowing, her brother and I are real good friends and I'm thinking of writing more like this and maybe even poetry and having him drop them off somewhere in her room where she can see it like every week as a secret admirer kinda thing . smile

Btw, Gonna try and start posting here alot again. :D.

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Some People don't know this about me.
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