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 Diva/Knockout Big Brother 3 - Episode 18

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PostSubject: Diva/Knockout Big Brother 3 - Episode 18   Sat 24 Dec 2011, 3:37 am

Episode 18


Lilian - Host
Last time on Diva/Knockout Big Brother 3, Madison won the Veto and saved herself with it. However, that meant that both her allies, Angelina and Lacey were now nominated and faced eviction.
Who will become the first member of the jury? And who will become the new Head of Household? Let's find out...
After the Veto ceremony, Michelle pulls Angelina aside to talk.

Still wanna take part of that deal with Luna?

Yeah, definitely!

This week's eviction will be rather complicated.
You need to convince Madison to vote for you to stay.

Trust me, that's going to be easy.

Alright, so that makes 3 people voting for you to stay.
Madison, Luna and I.
However, there's 3 people from the other side voting you out.
Luna told me that you were the target over Lacey, for sure.

Can't she convince one of them to vote Lacey out?

Not really.
They're kind of like a "cult".
Everything that is said, is reported back to their "leader", which used to be Molly, but is now Ivory.

So what you're telling me, is that I'm screwed.

Not completely.
All Luna has to do, is to convince Ivory that you should stay over Lacey.
Since Ivory will be the tie-breaker, Luna can talk to her last minute and try to convince her that you should stay.

I hope she succeeds...

Later, Angelina meets up with Madison.

Who were you thinking of voting out?

Think about it for two freakin' seconds.
Lacey doesn't even know the rules of this game, and she's been playing it for 6 weeks! Of course, I'm voting her out!

Thank you!
Hey, listen... I was talking with Michelle earlier and she brought something interesting up.
She's playing by herself, and obviously, she wants to go further in the game.
So she asked me to be an ally of hers.

Did you agree?

Not yet.
I wanted to ask you if it was okay if we brought her into our alliance.

Of course it is!
Our numbers are quickly going down and we need all the help we can get!

Also, Michelle is trying to get Luna in on the alliance.


Lacey walks in.

Hey ladies!
Are you guys doing manicures?!

Angelina & Madison

Michelle secretly met up with Luna.

So? What did Angelina say?

Madison's definitely voting to keep her.
Which means, it's definitely going to be a tie.
So, Angelina's life in this game lies in your hands.
You have to make sure Ivory votes to keep Angelina over Lacey.

I'll try my best!

Minutes before the eviction, Luna goes in the HoH room to talk to Ivory.

Hey Ivory!
Do you have time to talk?

Yeah definitely!
What's up?

I've heard from multiple people that tonight, the vote is going to end up a tie.
I just have a feeling that whoever screwed us last week, is going to do it again tonight.
I have a plan to completely throw off The Beautiful Alliance before the HoH Competition! Vote out Lacey, and both Angelina and Madison are going to be so shaken up that they won't be able to play properly in the competition!
Plus, Lacey has won more competitions than both Angelina and Madison put together.

I don't know where you got the information that it was going to be a tie tonight, but you do raise some good points.
Wait a minute, are you the one that's going to cause that tie?
Oh my God... you are the liar! You have been bullshitting us the entire game?

Eviction Vote

Lilian - Host
To the Houseguests who are all seated in the living room.
It is now time for the Houseguests to cast their votes to evict.
As HoH, Ivory will only vote in the event of a tie.
Neither nominee, Angelina and Lacey, is allowed to vote.
Madison is the first to vote.

Madison makes her way to the Diary Room.

I vote to evict Lacey.

Tiffany makes her way to the Diary Room.

I vote to evict Angelina.

Tara makes her way to the Diary Room.

I vote to evict Angelina.

Luna makes her way to the Diary Room.

I vote to evict Lacey.

Stephanie makes her way to the Diary Room.

I vote to evict Angelina.

Michelle makes her way to the Diary Room.

I vote to evict Lacey.

Once everyone is returned to the living room...

Lilian - Host
Houseguests, we have a tie!
3 votes to evict Angelina, and 3 votes to evict Lacey.
In the event of a tie, the Head of Household must cast her vote in front of everyone.
So, Ivory, if you may.

Well, someone came to talk to me earlier, and she told me some things that opened my eyes. You can't trust anyone in this game.
With that said, I am voting to evict Angelina.

Lilian - Host
It is official, Angelina, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House.
However, you are the first member of the jury.

Well guys, it's been fun!
However, I really don't want to be here next week.
I know exactly what Ivory meant by her speech, and shit's going to hit the fan.
Good luck everyone!

Angelina exits the Big Brother House.

Head of Household Competition
All the Houseguests made their way to the backyard for the HoH Competition.

Lilian - Host
Houseguests, this competition is called... "Strange Visitors".

All of a sudden, a few people in costumes exited the House.

Lilian - Host
I will be asking you a few questions about these strange characters.
If you answer incorrectly, you are eliminated. Last person standing, wins Head of Household.
Ivory, as outgoing Head of Household, you are ineligible to compete.

Competition Results
Tiffany is eliminated.
Michelle is eliminated.
Luna is eliminated.
Lacey is eliminated.
Stephanie is eliminated.
Tara is eliminated.

Lilian - Host
Congratulations Madison!
You are the new Head of Household!!!

Take that bitches!

Lilian - Host
Who will Madison nominate for eviction, now that she's in power?
Find out next time on Diva/Knockout Big Brother 3!


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PostSubject: Re: Diva/Knockout Big Brother 3 - Episode 18   Sat 24 Dec 2011, 3:48 am

That is interesting.

Glad Luna's shadiness was exposed.

Poor Angelina but at least Madison will avenge her this week!


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PostSubject: Re: Diva/Knockout Big Brother 3 - Episode 18   Sun 25 Dec 2011, 1:30 am

she got lucky again. interesting to see who she puts up.


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PostSubject: Re: Diva/Knockout Big Brother 3 - Episode 18   

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Diva/Knockout Big Brother 3 - Episode 18
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