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 Dead's Fantasy WD Matches - LL vs Kevin

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PostSubject: Dead's Fantasy WD Matches - LL vs Kevin   Tue 10 Apr 2012, 4:46 am

Meh, decided to do this since i efed on another site. So, yeah.

LL vs Kevin

Kevin gets out of his zone and looks up at LL, who is getting himself
hyped up for the match at hand. Referee Neil Rana calls for the bell,
and the two competitors walk towards each other. When they meet in the
center of the ring, they start to circle each other, each man looking
for the perfect opportunity to strike. LL goes for the lock up, but
Kevin ducks and places LL in a waist lock. LL, however, reverses with a
waist lock of his own. Not to be one-upped, Kevin one again reverses,
this time places LL in a full nelson that he transitions into a slam.
The fans boo Kevin as he stands over LL, plotting his next move on
Layla's biggest fan

Cheesy McDoodle: Now that's what I call professional wrestling!
Tommy Slime: That was definitely a nice exchange, and props to Kevin for getting the advantage.
Cheesy: I already know this won't be a disappointment.

LL gets back up and comes at Kevin, Kevin brings him down with an arm
drag that he transitions into a reverse arm bar. Showing signs of a
veteran in the ring, LL quickly realizes where he is in relation to the
ropes and grabs the bottom rope. Rana starts to count.
One...two...three...Kevin breaks the hold. The hold obviously did some
damage as LL is favoring his left arm, but he quickly gets back to his
feet at Rana is making sure Kevin is aware of the rules. As Kevin
brushes off Rana and walks away from him, he's on the receiving end of a
straight arm lariat from LL. The fans pop for LL, who looks very
determined to show why he's popular with the crowd.

Tommy: LL's back in this one, and he's looking for a win!
Cheesy: When LL is focused, he's great. Let's see what he can do here.
Tommy: Great? He's better than great. He's a king!

Kevin gets up, he's once again brought down with a strong scoop slam by
his opponent. After he pulls Kevin up to his feet, LL hits a big Irish
whip on Kevin into the corner. He hits the corner hard, and LL rushes at
Kevin, going for a running big boot. Despite his impact, Kevin is quick
to duck the big boot before it hits him, causing LL to hit the
turnbuckle and top rope in a rather uncomfortable way. LL is obviously
hurting from that impact, and the fans are not pleased. Taking advantage
of the situation as he should, Kevin rolls LL up with a school boy roll
up pin. Rana drops to the mat and makes the count.



LL kicks out!

Cheesy The tides in this match are turning again towards Kevin.
Tommy: That was a smart move. LL would have taken his head off.

LL getting up and his back facing Kevin, the latter takes advantage
once again, locking LL in a waist lock and slamming him down to the mat
with a perfect German suplex. As LL favors his back, Kevin looks down at
him with a smirk on his face. However, he's definitely smart enough in
that ring not to take too long away from his offense. Kevin mounts LL
and starts to hit him with a fury of fists. LL does his best to cover
up, but he can only defend against Kevin's fists so much. To follow it
up, Kevin brings LL back to his feet and hits him with a high kick to
the chin while holding his head down.

Cheesy: Kevin is on fire!
Tommy: And he's burning LL right now. That has to hurt!

LL dazed from the impact to his face, Kevin hits him with a front kick
right in the gut, causing LL to bend forward as he favors his
midsection. With LL right where he wants him, Kevin puts his head
between his legs, hooks the arms, pulls him up in a vertical position,
and plants him head first to the mat with his version of the double
underhook sitting piledriver that he's dubbed the Epocalypse. The fans
are on their feet, even if they are not necessarily pleased, as Kevin
hooks the leg goes for the cover on a fallen LL. Rana drops down to the
mat and makes the count.




Winner of the Match: Kevin!

Next Match: Hailey vs Venom


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PostSubject: Re: Dead's Fantasy WD Matches - LL vs Kevin   Tue 10 Apr 2012, 6:51 am

awesome match
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Dead's Fantasy WD Matches - LL vs Kevin
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