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 Detailed Report of Rebecca Knox's Return To The Ring

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PostSubject: Detailed Report of Rebecca Knox's Return To The Ring   Thu 18 Oct 2012, 7:05 pm


Greetings and salutations to my loyal readers. I’m going to be doing something a little different this time around. Instead of talking about the careers and latest goings-on of the women everyone has heard of, this little piece is going to be introducing a few up and coming ladies, plus a nice little comeback story. I hope you enjoy this very different column.

Ireland’s Fight Factory Pro Wrestling held its fifth live event this year on Sunday straight from the Fight Factory itself in Bray, Co. Wicklow and a run-of-the-mill gym show ended up with a huge sensational story attached to it when it was announced that FFPW alumnus and the original SHIMMER big bad Rebecca Knox was returning to the ring after a four year absence, having taken time off due to serious head injuries. The funny thing was the previous week Rebecca had come to the training session and introduced herself by her first name and I didn’t even recognise her. Well when she said her name was Rebecca I was actually tempted to go up and ask her last name just to be sure but I thought better of it due to my fear of public embarrassment. I then assumed she was just a knew girl I hadn’t met yet. It was only until FFPW made their announcement during the week that I found out who she actually was. It certainly created a nice little buzz around the place, especially for the girls she would be working with at the show. One of the trainers Jordan Devlin actually said to me once that he felt Rebecca was the best wrestler FFPW had ever produced. So the idea of a comeback was naturally very highly anticipated.

Rebecca didn’t actually have long to wait before she was in the ring again because her match opened the show. She was ready to go in 6-person intergender tag action teaming with the boisterous B-Cool and the rising star Katey Harvey, fresh off a match against “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna for UK Women’s Wrestling. They were facing everyone’s favourite pirate Captain Deadbones Dawkins, the bubbly cowgirl Lucy Lasso and rookie Danger Dawn competing in only her third match. Watching the match from behind the curtain, I actually got Goosebumps thinking about how far Irish women’s wrestling has come in the last year. Now with five girls being produced from our school and several more scattered around the country, it shows that there is excitement to be had for the Irish women, certainly much more than the days when Rebecca herself was the only female trainee at FFPW. Before the match got started, B-Cool got on the microphone and (after taking a moment to yell at my family for arriving late to the show) cut a promo since Danger Dawn had brought her family along and he obviously couldn’t resist an opportunity like that. Her 6-year-old son ended up being the most vocal member of the crowd for the night.

It was Rebecca who started off the match with Lucy Lasso. Fans who had seen her SHIMMER work got quite a different Rebecca from the one they were expecting. No screaming, no hair-pulling and no disrespectful tactics at all. Rebecca instead stuck to good old fashioned pure mat wrestling. Lucy in particular I’ve always felt has had a strength with that element of wrestling and so it was almost a treat to see her and Rebecca start off the match. After those exchanges were over, B-Cool abruptly tagged himself in and demanded that Capt. Deadbones tag in as well. It wasn’t long before B-Cool had enough and this time it was Katey Harvey and Danger Dawn that would have it out with each other, a nice “Danger!” chant coming from the fans.

Katey was able to get control over Dawn and then B-Cool decided to get in on the action and showed his chauvinistic side with no qualms about hitting a woman, hurling plenty of insults at her and her family in the crowd for good measure. Dawn would get her own back however as B-Cool attempted a back body drop, only for her to counter into a Melina Perez-inspired Last Call. Katey however wasn’t about to let Dawn make a tag and quickly cut her off, resuming control for the heels once again. B-Cool again showed he had no problems hitting a woman and even attempted to low blow her, forgetting about a certain anatomical difference. Dawn delivered a DDT and the two were left motionless on the canvas for a few seconds. Lucy and Rebecca tagged in and Lucy cleaned house with clotheslines. B-Cool got involved with prompted the captain to come in as well. Katey climbed on his back to try and stop him but ended up being rammed into B-Cool and caught with Deadbones’s Overboard finisher (while getting “wench overboard!” yelled at her). Lucy hit a vertical suplex on Rebecca but missed a clothesline in the corner, which allowed K-Nox to school girl her for the three count. As Rebecca was showing sportsmanship towards Lucy, Katey pulled her away and attempted to celebrate. Rebecca didn’t take too kindly to that and turned on her partner, clearing the ring of Katey and B-Cool before standing tall and triumphant.

It was certainly an entertaining night for the fans and even more special for Rebecca’s dedicated fans who never thought they’d see her in a wrestling ring again. I got to meet her properly backstage before the show and had a small conversation with her. I say this about pretty much everyone I meet but she seemed like a very nice and pleasant young woman, but definitely with a little bit of a kooky side as well. Us younger trainees also felt quite spoiled that day as the school’s co-founder and current New Japan Pro Wrestling star Fergal Devitt stopped by to go over some things with Rebecca to prepare for the show. Also in attendance was WWE developmental Diva Rachelle St Claire who was forced to take time off to heal a knee injury. She came backstage to say hello and was as glamorous as ever.

Here are the quick results:

*B-Cool, Katey Harvey & Rebecca Knox def. Captain Deadbones Dawkins, Danger Dawn & Lucy Lasso in a 6-person intergender tag match

*Lee Flynn def. Pierre Marceau

*Team MEGA def. Rough Stuff and “Dangerous” Dave Forde & “Big” Ger Danue in a 3-way elimination match to retain the Irish Tag Team titles

*Manic McDermott def. “The People’s Choice” Bobby Calloway

*Sammy D def. Johnny Notaro to retain the Irish Junior Heavyweight Championship

Footage from Rebecca’s match and the rest of the show should be available in the next few weeks so you can subscribe to FFPW’s Youtube channel if you wish to stay updated.


and if i may give you all a shameless plug, here's my match from the show. people keep telling me it was MOTN but you decide for yourselves
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Detailed Report of Rebecca Knox's Return To The Ring
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