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 Backstage News On WWE Already Souring On Adam Rose

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PostSubject: Backstage News On WWE Already Souring On Adam Rose   Sun 06 Jul 2014, 11:17 am

As we reported last month, Vince McMahon had second thoughts on the Adam Rose character (among others) and WWE producer Kevin Dunn trashed the character backstage.

Rose was given a match at Money in the Bank against Damien Sandow, which was said to be his "PPV chance". The crowd didn't get behind his match enough and that made things worse for Rose. He did not wrestle on any televised WWE events this week.
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PostSubject: Re: Backstage News On WWE Already Souring On Adam Rose   Thu 10 Jul 2014, 12:56 pm

The crowd probably didn't get behind it because there was no build and it was against a character that has little to no apparent direction.

His PPV chance should have been against Jack Swagger, doing some proper build up leading into a PPV match rather than a throwaway match on Smackdown. Considering Swagger's notability with the WWE Universe that would have made a match that people would have a passing interest in, rather than a throwaway with Damian Sandow that people would have had little interest and served more purpose as a bathroom break than Divas matches used to.

I think WWE are unjust in souring on him, they haven't done anything to give him a proper storyline. As far as I can tell, he was put on the main roster with no direction, just ideas batting about that never lead anywhere.

He's a party animal, give him a storyline against someone who is a bit of party pooper, but have his opponent be some who is able to make Adam Rose look good on both the mic and with his in ring work. Someone like Alberto Del Rio maybe?


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Backstage News On WWE Already Souring On Adam Rose
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