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 Nikki Bella On The Idea That A Divas Match Will Main Event A PPV & Relationship With Cena

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PostSubject: Nikki Bella On The Idea That A Divas Match Will Main Event A PPV & Relationship With Cena   Sat 12 Jul 2014, 12:51 pm

WWE Diva Nikki Bella spoke with Digital Spy to promote Total Divas, she talked about a Divas matches are main eventing pay-per-views and John Cena. Check it out below:

Do You Think There Will Ever Be A Day That A Divas Match Will Main Event A Pay-Per-View: "I hope and pray for that. There's nothing I would want more. Brie and I work so hard in that ring and outside that ring, and a lot of the Divas do. That's something that we would love. Do I understand that I'm in a man's industry? 100%. When I see all those little boys, I see them look at the guys and that's their Superman, that's their Batman. I think it'll be very tough for us to main event, but I think it can definitely happen. To tell you the truth, I think Steph and Brie are two women that could definitely make that happen. I think there's a few of us in the division that definitely in the future could make that happen, and I truly hope one day it will. I think the day that we do it, they'll see the success of it and realize we can do it a lot."

How Do You Feel About John Cena Being Hated & Love By The Fans: "John loves this business, he truly lives and dies for this business. It's what he breathes. I'm with him all the time and when he's not at work, he's doing whatever he can to make work better. I'm very protective of him, I've always referred to myself as a lioness. That's my king and I'm the queen! But when I hear those chants it actually makes me laugh because if they didn't like him they wouldn't even say his name. I think it's become more fun. When you hear it you hear all the little kids say 'Let's go, Cena!' and then you hear the men say 'Cena sucks'.

"I think deep down they truly like him and they' in awe of him, like, 'Gosh, his body!' He's a cool guy. But I think it's just become a fun thing to do. If they truly hated him... like when people wanted to say we hate Dave Batista, they weren't giving him that much attention. Then they started to [give him attention] because they were like, 'He's back to work, we respect that'. With John I think it's become more a fun thing to do. That's the chant you do! They do it before the shows start. Before the show's even started, that's the chant that you'll always hear!"
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Nikki Bella On The Idea That A Divas Match Will Main Event A PPV & Relationship With Cena
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