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Seemingly there are 3 little fuckers in my class who has nothing to do while we are in class.

So they like throwing props of paper around in class. My friend,well sort of friend, natasja has been their prime target. Seemingly i heard from someone that she cried last week because they were throwing them at her. Now i believe she should grow a pair and tell a teacher or something if it's bothering her, btw last week i wasn't ins chool.

Anyways this week they were back at it again, this time, i was sitting next to natasja, now i don't mind if they throw paper in the class,...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 4 - Views: 381

Me and my friends just arranged a DAY IN PARIS!!!.........Well Euro Disney!!! But whatevers!!!! I'm HAPPY!!!!

We take a bus on the 23rd at night, arive early in the morning on the 24th spend the WHOLE day there and then leave again at Night. I'm SUPA DUPA EXCITED!!!!

AND I'm in Den Haag on the 29th with my friendz again and then on the 30th in AMSTERDAM!!! TO MEET UP OLD FRIENDS!!!!!! WHICH EXCITES ME!!!

The excitement is insane lol.

by KTV-Time - Comments: 8 - Views: 355

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm taking my GED test!! Wish me luck again please!
by Queen Mintz - Comments: 14 - Views: 472

I was thinking, i was kind of happy i'm not THAT close with my class. I couldn't bring them home and cook something specials for them.

I couldn't cook Pork, because 90% of my class is muslim and isn't allowed to eat pork shifty

Well have Beef or something.....well guess what i have two Hindu Girls in my class, so that scratches anything cow related off my list.

So then i was like unless i become a pro over night and make lamb or Duck (which i think could be expensive too) it's Chicken is...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 5 - Views: 353

Well Iíve been meeting people left and right like crazy. Starting out when Serial added me on MSN, not a bad fellar, guess he's aight, not the kind of person i thought he was going to be, but he's koolaid.

anywho the following day, yesterday, we had an open house at school, where kids who want to come to the school come check it out and we tell them about the school, and the subjects and all. Anywho, me and my friend natasja were soooo buzy, and we decided to take a break. Anywho, we decide to walks around and we stopped by one of the guys who are studying "Security" or whatevers,...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 30 - Views: 542

Ok, so I should've blogged about this relationship sooner.

But I was with a girl like a month ago, and I broke up with her.

So obviously, she was devastated.

But she left our cafeteria table with one of our new friends and started talking shit about me.

To get revenge, I got my friends and I to start a false rumor around Facebook that they were a couple.

For some reason, she got offended. And now she wants to go to the cops to charge us with "Ruining her Reputation" (she doesn't even have a reputation)

But today,...
by Eric - Comments: 11 - Views: 384

now this thread may seem a little weird...i am about to state 3 things that i have come to realize about showerin...now some ppl may think that this is weird and that LL doesnt shower on a regular basis...this is not the case...ive just not gotten arouind to blogg about it

A - It is impossible to shave around ones adams or eves apple
B - It is impossible for one to make oneselves throw up...Bolemics are very talented, even though they shouldnt do it Bulemia is a very hard disease, something no one should get into *just to show i aint promoting shit
by The LL Father - Comments: 15 - Views: 400

Maybe many of you know but i used to be a Track & Field Coach for kids between 4 & 14, i sometimes trained the older kids from 15 to 18. But that was rare.

My dad went to the Carifta Games her with 5 athletes, 2 of his own and 3 from other teams. he is going as Head coach.

One of his Athletes, Jennelaine Vrolijk, is trying to qualify for the 2010 First Ever World Youth Olympics, in the 3000 Meters race. Though she ran under 11 minutes already it's rather exciting and i'm hoping she does well. She's also doing the 1500 meters as a practice race. She's only 17 and competing...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 0 - Views: 303

WOW! Today started off kind of crazy, so lets begin.

I was watching tv when my doorbell rang and when I got up to open the door, I noticed there was no one there, so I'm thinking that some one had "Ding Dong Ditched" me, so I'm looking up and down the street trying to find some kids to beat up, then I see the mail man and he tells me that He had in fact rung the doorbell to let me know that Proactive had arrived, so I turn around and sure enough there stuck right in the mail box is my Proactive, so I take the box in the house and as I'm opening it and reading the little booklet...
by Did You Miss Her? - Comments: 15 - Views: 465

I have got a voice thingy on msn...so yay
and i just chatted with Kev...and not only does the lil bich have better english then me...he sounds soo cuttte...like a lil baby
by The LL Father - Comments: 49 - Views: 630

...I now have it installed on my computer, took a minimum of 15 minutes tops, and it runs wonderfully.


Fuck GIMP. :D

im sorry im just excited :P
by Guest - Comments: 26 - Views: 433

I went to talk to my Guidence Teacher at school and she said that If I pass this year and pass all my classes I will be put in the 12th grade next year!!!.Right now Im in the 10th grade and Im supposed to be in the 12th so right now Im taking a break from the PC and focusing time with my education.So I'll see everyone later I hope I can pass and make everyone proud of me.
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 5 - Views: 332

Ok, so there's this dude that works with my mom and he knows shit about computers, he needed instructions on how to turn it on, but anyway I'm always doing things for him, whether its making cds, dvd, letting him borrow stuff and fixing his computer, getting him a bunch of programs (ALL FOR FREE), well one day he asked to borrow a game and said "yeah" because I such a stand up guy, well he had the game for a while and when I asked for it back he said he would bring it the following week but he didn't, so that Monday when I had my mom ask him about it since they work together, and he told...
by Did You Miss Her? - Comments: 5 - Views: 343

Well, I got grounded for taking 14 extra free plastic forks at lunch... Yeah... So might not be on for awhile.

And, this chick I like, someone found out about it, told a lot of people, she now knows. Good thing I don't have to worry though... she's a bisexual and has a girlfriend. Yippie! Well, see you guys whenever.
by KJ - Comments: 36 - Views: 511



yay get silly yay metal go girl cheer
by Princess Keri - Comments: 10 - Views: 420

like...seriously. this little troll and his fanbase are annoying as shit. its 10 times worse than the Hannah Montana bullshit, and its all thanks to Twitter. so thank you Twitter...for ruining nights where i go to relax and read the tweets of tweeters across the nation....and all i fucking see is "FOLLOW THE BIEBERNATION, RETWEET RETWEET RETWEET" i want to blow up shit just because of this
by Dead - Comments: 48 - Views: 850

I've been worried for the last 2/3 hours. My friend Amy, haven't had any contact with her since Thursday. I called her monday to give a slight update on our lives and that's the last i spoke to her. My other friend Kyrah spoke to her wednesday while she was last active on FB on Thursday. Just spoke to my friend on MSN who lives in Aruba and is her bestest friend and seemingly she had this whole big blow out with her boyfriend robert.

I don't have his number to call him and we have all been trying to call her all weekend but no answer. msg, msg on fb, everything we can.I'm really growing...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 9 - Views: 396

I'ved walked this path for way too long. It is a path that I shall not walk any longer. I can not and will not let the burdens of this life consume me any longer. It's time to break free from the chains that have held me captive and live out each moment as if it were my last. I will leave all of my fears in the rear view mirror - catch me if you can! Nothing can stop me now. I'm a man on a mission: live free or die trying.
by Paul Wyatt - Comments: 6 - Views: 402

do men have unreal expectations of what their ideal woman is?

also do you think women have unreal expectations for their ideal man?

Do you think Marriage is an outdated concept?
by The Sexy Vixen - Comments: 15 - Views: 353

So I was taking the bus on Friday and I was downtown waiting for the bus to come.So when the bus came we all had to stand in a line to get on the bus.So when when everyone was gettin on the bus there was this white old lady paying to get on the bus so then this mexican lady behind her said "Hurry,Hurry" and then the white lady said "Dont rush me you fat b*****!!!".LOL it was funny!!!
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 23 - Views: 515

My Asian neighbor mowing her lawn in the same fucking spots!!! This year I swear to god Ima break that bitchs lawnmower cause she's prolly gonna be out mowing it tomorrow, and prolly on Monday even though its supposed to rain. Bring on winter
by Dead - Comments: 15 - Views: 425

Well it may shock you to know
but i am a father.
i myself am shocked considering that i only got told 3 minutes ago
but well....Kevin told me that he has two kids Layla and Layo
and he says one is deffo mine....but the other may possibly be rated X's
i am very angry to say the least

The Dazzling Divas Blog 9121
^ see
by The LL Father - Comments: 21 - Views: 439

All you got to do is ask me something that you need some advice on and will give you my answer later on tonight om WD!!
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 43 - Views: 612

This is something I want to do when I grow up I want to start a Men's club for high school students where they would do community service,fix the school up like painting,replace broken objects at school,etc.And at the end will have a graduation thing and get a deploma and they can count it as community service hours so they can graduate from high school.What do you think?.I still have no name for it.
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 6 - Views: 350

More than anything in this world, I'd love for the opportunity to live out my life-long dream. Something that I've been told that I shouldn't even think of doing because of a potential life threatening disease that I've had since birth. People have passions and mine is professional wrestling. It's something that will never go away for as long as I live. The chill and thrill of doing what I love in front of 20,000 people, or just 200 - I'd be living for the moment. Some thing aren't meant to be, but, when you know your time is to eventually come; is it worth the risk of putting it all on the line...
by Paul Wyatt - Comments: 4 - Views: 351

Ready to leave people unable to respond, like a hobo to a knock-knock joke.
Every time I declare invasion, there's no time to stare or be glazin'.
All my lines tend to cause a chain reaction.
Like to take my brain off safety and watch my ideas blaze battlefields.

The crown doesn't move.
Always like to pull bricks from the walls of imagination, and throw them through the window of opportunity.
Looks like it's your worst fears, confirmed.
Kept like a secret, akin to Christ's resurrection date.

by Guest - Comments: 15 - Views: 408

Saturday afternoon I went to Ticketmaster.com to purchase some tickets to a Supershow that'll be at MSG on June 19. Once I got onto the website I clicked sequentially:

Wrestling - Checked for date - Rechecked - Searched for best available tickets - Purchased them.

I don't have a credit/debit so I gave my sister the money bc she ordered them.

TODAY when she goes to print them out... *SIGH* it says that the tickets are for an event at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. WTF?!
by Paul Wyatt - Comments: 5 - Views: 410

Yeah, you read the title right.
My house could be haunted.

Well first of all, I do believe in ghosts, spirits, poltergeists whatever.
If you don't, then it's no use reading this lol.

Okay so, my room is in the basement.
Don't think of it as an old ew disgusting basement.
It's actually pretty sexy.
But I have plenty of vents in my room.
Like... 3.

Well, one of them leads into the bathroom upstairs.
Every night at around 1 AM all the way to 4 AM, the toilet starts to make splishing sounds... like if a person would be playing in...
by Eric - Comments: 19 - Views: 377

Im about to just drop out of high school because this is just getting rediculous I try my ass off with these maths problems and all that other stuff.But I STILL get a U WTF Math and Science are just pissing me off.I have two teachers who cant even speak english pissing me off with all these god dam papers that I dont know what to do this is just rediculous on how much shit you have to do in order to graduate from high school.I just cant take this anymore.
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 26 - Views: 463

Review: The Lovely Bones

Ok now because I read the book and then watched the movies, yes, I could find 101 flaws in this movies in comparison with the book. For the lack of age, really this was a story or about 6/7 years long, it wasnít the same in the movie.

Now to the movie, I felt the Buckley Character was really left in the dark. He was one of the main focus in the book. He was the only person who had some sort of contact with Susie after hear death. I felt seeing how important his character was in the book, it wasnít the same when it comes to the movie.

by KTV-Time - Comments: 6 - Views: 424

I just wanted to let everyone know about this Great week I've had.

I'm finally getting over My Ex, it feels Great & I quit drinking..
it's depressing stuff.

But anyway's, I'm back & ready to rock the GFx Nation
by MkGtOmEr - Comments: 8 - Views: 327

I couldnt do this last week due to something that happen but I will do this tonight!! Live!! In the Blog Section!!
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 88 - Views: 1238

Well donít know who cares lol. But for the first time in History I watched a full season of So You Think You Can Dance and actually liked it. Well it was the dutch one but whatever. Anyways Iím going to count down my favorite top 25 performances before they they entered the top 10. So Show 1: Top 18, Show 2: Top 16, Show 3: top 14 and Show 4: top 12. Which in total is about 31 performances, so just tossing 6 of them aside lol. Plus my top 16 favorite Dance for your life. Before every performance I will give the dancers and their dancing style and the style they pulled out of the hat and had to...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 12 - Views: 462

After a full 5 months of playing "kill em all" dodgeball....the county parks and rec committee has brought the hammer down on our timeslot for tuesdays and thursdays. sucks too cause it was fun as shit to play, and the tuesday sessions were under tournament rules....now we're getting kicked out of the rec center cause some douche decided to want to book that time slot (9:00 to 10:30) those 2 days. to make matters worse...the tuesday sessions were practices in the hopes of getting a league started...and we're fucked cause the county wont let the guys who run it, book anywhere. makes me...
by Dead - Comments: 14 - Views: 432

Alissa Flash theme song is heard through the arena as Alissa is seen walking out from backstage as a loud chorus of booís can be heard through the arena as Alissa is standing at the top of the ramp glaring down at the ring at the crowd ignoring their cheers as she feels she is true greatness. Alissa then slowly makes her way down the ring staring at the crowd with this conceted smirk on her face.

The Dazzling Divas Blog AlissaFive

JR: here is a woman who doesnít deserve...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 3 - Views: 353

Do you guys actually use this? I'm going to be using it more often. I messaged quite a few of you lolz just to get the ball rollin.

by Blue Ryder - Comments: 10 - Views: 379

Ok I can understand that some of you think I post stupid and dumb topics like the whole hermaphordite thing and many others.At the same time I dont deserve to get embrassed, humuliated by some of you because then some of are actually gonna take what they say and use it against me.I'm not a smart person and I am not always good at making topics but I am TRYING to start a conversation with you people and yet you dont like it because because some of you find it annoying and dumb?
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 24 - Views: 612

I was reminded what I'am today. I had allowed this world to twist my perceptions to the point where I despised being human. I realized I'd let my negative emotions take control to the point where I was borderline-MPD, where I was lost on who I was. I was reminded today I was not meant to be a cynical, apathetic individual; I was always meant to inspire hope. I was lost, but now I'm found, reconnected with myself Superman III-style. Hope gleams again over the horizon....and if there is no hope, what's the point of living?
by Jordan H. - Comments: 3 - Views: 330

I was just curious to know when was the first time you saw me acting crazy was it in the chat dayz or on the fourm?
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 9 - Views: 370

I can not belive this but I just heard my mom and her new BF having SEX!!.Oh my god it was nasty I heard everything they were doing in there oh my god I need to get this out my head this was too nasty!!.Why does there room gotta be next to mine.
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 4 - Views: 307

Human beings are a joke. They kill each other over the most trivial things. They label themselves by skin color. They hate each other and themselves for how they look or how they talk, act, blah blah blah. They are sexually perverse, and like to partake in unnatural 'pleasures'. You tell them, show them what's right and wrong...and they persist in doing the wrong. You show them miracles, there would still be a lot of them who doubt. Others kill themselves just so they are ridden of this morally-corrupt planet and I almost don't blame them. I never realized how much I hate mankind until today, that'd...
by Jordan H. - Comments: 5 - Views: 379

The Dazzling Divas Blog GFGHH

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the 20 Diva Royal Rumble 2010 match.

The crowd goes wild as Lillian has a smile on her face.

The Dazzling Divas Blog CVBVB

Lillian : The rules are simple. In a few moments the two divas that draw the numbers 1 and 2 will enter the ring. And...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 58 - Views: 9999

In this world there are some rude and ignorant ass people who cant give people another chance those people out there who are trying to change cant because people cant give them another chance.
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 10 - Views: 356

1. Venom
2. Edgegore
3. VLG
4. Laylamark
5. CM Keane
6. Sarcy
7. Brad Vicious
8. Janine
9. Eaglesfan
10. Sticky
11. Silver Coyote
12. MKGT
13. Katie Chaotic
14. Reign
15. Angelmessiah
16. Hen
17. Joe
18. Lauren
19. Quisee
20. NCD
by Dead - Comments: 23 - Views: 546

The Hillz is about 3 women who all get sign to playboy.They all end up living in the playboy mansion and face jelousy from the other playboy models.As they all fight to be on the cover for playboy.

Lauren Cornbread
Hedi Manhog
Kristen Dumass
Spencer Rat
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 0 - Views: 318

Coming Next Friday the first ever WD The Stories.

The Hills
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 1 - Views: 293

Dream Boy has anyone read the novel er seen the movie released in 2008?

I just recently saw it again and the ending is tragic yet sad. It seems your supposed to have your own opinion on the ending. The main character was raped and beaten in the end.

Now it's your choice to decide if he died. As the story goes he came back in search of his lover and the two boys just went far far away. Now you decide, he died and because the guy who loved him so much imagined him and it wasn't really him but like a ghost or a distant memory or he survived the beating and came back.
by KTV-Time - Comments: 5 - Views: 674

1. Blue
2. The Deadman
3. Mia
4. LL
5. The Sexy Vixen
6. Bones
7. Tank
8. Minterz
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19. Serial
20. KJ
21. The Justice League
22. Parental Advisory
23. The LL Society
24. StraightDEAD Society
25. Blue's Angels
by Dead - Comments: 20 - Views: 477

I know that alot of people find me annoying but I really not that annoying.Its just some time's some people here just take me as a joke and not seriously.I wanta be taken serious.
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 9 - Views: 397

I signed up for the GED test this morning and will take it April 10th. I really hope I pass the first time since the shit costs 50 bucks and I want to go to college and get my first real job! Wish me luck!
by Queen Mintz - Comments: 9 - Views: 364
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