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 Star Wars Spinoffs Will be "Origin Story Films"

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Star Wars Spinoffs Will be "Origin Story Films" Empty
PostSubject: Star Wars Spinoffs Will be "Origin Story Films"   Star Wars Spinoffs Will be "Origin Story Films" EmptyFri 13 Sep 2013, 1:22 pm


We've heard a lot of buzz about Star Wars: Episode VII lately, but what about Disney and Lucasfilm's planned Star Wars spinoffs?

As we learned earlier this year, Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan are hard at work developing standalone Star Wars movies to be released in between Episodes VII, VIII and IX, with the first one slated for 2016. Possible characters rumored for these films are Boba Fett, Han Solo, and even Yoda. Other than that, though, we haven't heard much of anything about these movies.

However, at a recent Disney investor conference, Disney CFO Jay Rasulo referred to these films not as "spinoffs" or "standalone movies," but as "origin story films." (The quote comes from Variety.) Of course, origin stories are kind of what we expected out of these things, if the rumors from February were to be believed. Nevertheless, the fact that a legitimate Disney executive called them origin stories definitely lends some credibility to those earlier reports.

For characters like Han Solo and Yoda, origin stories seem very much within the realm of possibility, as their beginnings haven't really been touched on in the movies or TV. Boba Fett on the other hand has had a pretty thorough background check, even after the events of Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones. In addition to comics and video games, the character was also prominently featured in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Whether these new movies would adhere to that canon is unknown, but it's certainly something to think about if Kinberg and Kasdan end up going that route.

Star Wars Spinoffs Will be "Origin Story Films" 2lnk842
Star Wars Spinoffs Will be "Origin Story Films" Fs_lastplayed
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Star Wars Spinoffs Will be "Origin Story Films"
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