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 It's A Wonderful Life 2 Being Made

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PostSubject: It's A Wonderful Life 2 Being Made   It's A Wonderful Life 2 Being Made EmptyWed 20 Nov 2013, 5:11 pm

Cinema will be up on rape charges again shortly when filmish classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” gets the sequel treatment.

Frank Capra will be choking on worms when he gets wind of this one :

A belated follow-up to the 1946 classic is in the works, thanks to Star Partners and Hummingbird Productions, who have teamed up to bankroll the atrocious idea.
Original cast member Karolyn Grimes, who played Zuzu, is expected to return. No word on a CGI Jimmy Stewart yet.

Martha Bolton co-wrote with Farsnworth, of Hummingbird Productions, a screenplay that apparently answers the ‘Whatever happened to George Bailey? What happened to Zuzu?’ question.

“It’s a Wonderful Life is about showing a good guy can win. And with Scrooge, you have a person that is not a good guy but he changes,” Farnsworth tells THR. “This story is about the amazing human capacity to forgive when we see someone change for the better.”

The new film will fix on Bailey’s not-so-good grandson who is visited by his aunt Zuzu, now an angel, to show him how life would’ve been better had he not existed.

Farnsworth is ready and waiting for the attacks to come (and so he should be!).

“Look, no one can make another It’s a Wonderful Life. But our story is solid, and we are going in with our eyes open. There is no doubt about it, there will be a ruckus. But I have this motto: All it takes to be a leader is to have a cause you believe in. And the stronger you believe in the cause, the more adversaries you will have. And we strongly believe in this.”

Sounds like it’ll be a good one to watch as a double with that recently-released “Christmas Story” sequel.

Hopefully news on the much-needed “Rebel Without a Cause” sequel is just around the corner.

Read more at http://moviehole.net/201370029cinema-up-on-rape-charges-again-soon-for-its-a-wonderful-life-2#Vps8GIwD2BMysgfG.99

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PostSubject: Re: It's A Wonderful Life 2 Being Made   It's A Wonderful Life 2 Being Made EmptySat 23 Nov 2013, 1:24 am

pass on all these remakes/sequels.

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It's A Wonderful Life 2 Being Made
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