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Is NAMOR THE SUB-MARINER Movie On The Way? Empty
PostSubject: Is NAMOR THE SUB-MARINER Movie On The Way?   Is NAMOR THE SUB-MARINER Movie On The Way? EmptyTue 20 May 2014, 11:27 am

In August of 2013, president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige revealed to Empire that Universal Pictures still held the film fights to Namor the Sub-Mariner. And yesterday, many of us were caught by surprise when Universal Pictures announced a secret tentpole film would be released Friday, Nov. 4, 2016. The film, which is being described as "Untitled 2016 Event Project" will be co-financed by Legendary. The Hollywood Reporter added, "that is new and not a sequel or remake, though it may be based on underlying intellectual property."

Today, El Mayimbe of Latino Review believes he knows what that secret film is:
"What Marvel property does Universal own that Kevin Feige last summer confirmed to Empire Magazine is still at Universal? Namor: The Sub Mariner I'm chalking this story up to "rumor status" because enough insider industry bees that I trust were buzzing last night and this morning yet, at press time this is still unconfirmed. Here is also the kicker. Warners officially got Justice League on the horizon and from what I hear, AQUAMAN will be an integral part of that story." - El Mayimbe

Namor possesses a high level of superhuman strength, enabling him to lift/press up to 100 tons while in contact with water; his strength gradually decreases according to the length of time he is out of water and can eventually dwindle to no more than slightly above human level. In addition to his great strength, Namor possesses superhuman stamina and durability, a result of his body’s adaptation to underwater pressures. He also possesses superhuman agility, reflexes, and speed, with a maximum swimming speed of roughly sixty miles per hour. Namor is able to fly via the finlike wings on his ankles, and he possesses a telepathic rapport with many, but not all, forms of marine life. Like all Atlanteans, he has a prolonged lifespan and his body is specially developed for underwater conditions, granting him specialized blood circulation to withstand freezing temperatures and highly developed vision to see clearly even in murky ocean depths. This hybrid physiology means he can survive indefinitely underwater or on land (though he would still need occasional contact with water to survive). Namor possesses an empathic bond with his cousin Namorita.

When not exposed to water, Namor’s physical attributes gradually decline and can diminish over time to near-human levels, robbing him of his strength and rendering him vulnerable to conventional injuries; renewed exposure to water will immediately restore his abilities. Complete lack of contact with water will prove fatal in about a week’s time. Namor has demonstrated a vulnerability to oxygen imbalance when remaining too long in either water or air, resulting in manic-depressive mood swings; he can prevent this imbalance by dividing his time between the two atmospheres. He has occasionally used scientific or magical means to regulate his oxygen levels. - marvel.com
Read more at http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/nailbiter111/news/?a=100160#DdtMS7ZtGd4emY7i.99
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