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 Stephen Amell Fan Q&A Covers Goatees, Nightwing And More

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Stephen Amell Fan Q&A Covers Goatees, Nightwing And More Empty
PostSubject: Stephen Amell Fan Q&A Covers Goatees, Nightwing And More   Stephen Amell Fan Q&A Covers Goatees, Nightwing And More EmptySat 28 Jun 2014, 11:41 am

[Note: Amell answered fan questions in the comment section, not in the video.]

-Q: Will we ever see the famous Oliver Queen goatee on Arrow?
AMELL: This video is probably as close as you'll ever get.

-Q:Will Oliver and Felicity ever get together?
AMELL: Funnily enough, that's the first time I've ever been asked that question. It was good to see us completely destroy the TV Guide poll yesterday, I will say that.

-Q: Have you ever thought about trying American Ninja Warrior?
AMELL: I have. YOUR MOVE American Ninja Warrior.

-Q:Will you sport the infamous Goatee of the Green Arrow in the next season ?
AMELL: ............................................... No.

-Q: Will Arrow eventually upgrade his suit to some body armor? I think that would be awesome!
AMELL: Stay tuned Wink

-Q: There have been rumors about Nightwing making an appearance in Arrow. Do you know anything about that or do we just have to wait and see.?
AMELL: You always have to wait and see.

-Q: What can we expect from Season 3 and how is it different from the past two seasons?
AMELL: Every season is a chapter. If you want to get a good road map of where Season 3 is going to go, pay particular attention to the themes of our premiere.

-Q: Have you thought about putting together a workout routine for some to follow?
AMELL: Ya... Only because I keep seeing rip offs on the internet. There's even a random post with my body on Joe Manganiello's head. Weird.

-Q: If you could be any other superhero or villain, who would it be and why?
AMELL: General Zod because of Terence Stamp.

-Q: Will you be coming to the NYC Comic-Con?
AMELL: Don't think so this year. Had a great time in 2012.

-Q: Will you be watching Gotham this fall? Assuming you like superhero shows...
AMELL: I certainly like Ben McKenzie... But I will probably only watch sports (and Parenthood) this Fall. My schedule is crazy. If the reports are good then I will catch up at a later date.

-Q: Will there be any crossover plans with Flash beyond the pilot?
AMELL: I mean... probably. But I've only seen the pilot.

-Q: You shared that you did musical theater at one time. Can you sing something for us?
AMELL: No. Secondarily... there will never EVER be a musical episode of Arrow. Can't say the same for the Flash. They've got musical chops over there.

-Q: What other DC characters would you like to see appear on Arrow?
AMELL: Nightwing would be pretty bad ass.

Q: Will Ra's al Ghul be making an appearance on Arrow??
AMELL: I'm going to respond to that, but I'm not actually going to answer it.

Read more at http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/movienewsandreviews/news/?a=102660#YJVB3jRTI2gT0RFi.99
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Stephen Amell Fan Q&A Covers Goatees, Nightwing And More
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