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 So Tired

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Billion Dolla Princess
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PostSo Tired

The crying..the complaining...the bitching.
it's very irritating.
The world isnt a nice place. We like to pretend it is for the sake of children but we're not children anymore. We know how mean the world can be. We also know that you cant let that break you. You're all stronger than anything said or thrown at you. Even if you think there is no one out there for you, there is. There is always someone in your corner.

I've received death threats, hatemail, threats on my daughter's life...etc. It sucks but there's really nothing i can do to stop someone who feels such strong hatred for me. There's any of those people out there to. But for everyone person who hates me...and there are ALOT of those...i phase it out thinking of the very few people who love me. I cant allow myself to be defined by some idiot behind a keyboard who has nothing better to do but to threaten me cause i'm an American, or cause i like anime, or because I like a certain wrestler or diva. It's not that deep.

Just have to remember, it's the internet and when you log off here, there's an entire world out there filled with people who will love you for you. Dont let some random troll online who you have never met, make or break you. What right do they have to control your life? NONE...absolutely none.

and now I have a migraine.


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Did You Miss Her?
Re: So Tired
Post Sun 30 Sep 2012, 4:57 pm by Did You Miss Her?
WHO THE HELL WOULD THREATEN TO KILL YOU AND YOUR DAUGHTER?!?!?! That's way over the line, some people take this shit way too seriously! You should learn to ignore dumb shit like that, the internet is suppose to be for entertainment not to depress yourself. That shit crazy
The Sexy Vixen
Re: So Tired
Post Sun 30 Sep 2012, 5:01 pm by The Sexy Vixen
a Boxing/MMA forum. This guy threatened to rape and kill both of us
Re: So Tired
Post Sun 30 Sep 2012, 5:25 pm by #WeWantTaryn
That's Something that I have to learn myself I mean I don't take Facebook serious at all but when I see people like on wrestling forum and Especially on Youtube thinking there tuff guys I just want to put them in there place SO bad so they can shut the fuck up already.But they just keep on coming back and there's A TON of idiots out there.
Re: So Tired
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So Tired

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