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 If my life were an open book, it would be one hell of a read....

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If my life were an open book, it would be one hell of a read.... Empty
PostIf my life were an open book, it would be one hell of a read....

I dont normally do this, but when i do...i express myself, in a blog format. For those who have me on Facebook, you should know exactly what im talking about. If you dont, you're in for a ride. This is the story of a grown man who has experienced all time highs, and all time lows for the past 3 months.

It should come to no surprise that i can be a dick, an asshole, a prick...and my real life friends have told me i can be mean at times, but it doesnt bother me any..because i'm not those things to the ones that matter. This is a tale of almost finding true happiness. I say that, because for the longest time, i was a very unhappy person, and i am good at hiding that. People come, and people go in life..and it hasnt really bothered me at all, until recently. You see...i go to a rock bar called Sinix a lot, i've made a lot of awesome friends that were in bands and other random friends that i probably wouldnt meet in any other setting (this is a story of meeting a female, i hope everyone catches on to this lol), and yeah, i met a female at a bar, which is something i swore id never do. Met her at a halloween show (my friends band was playing that night, of all nights), and i had a thinking we had hit it off.

A little bit about her, carbon copy of myself. Into rock music, horror movies, WAS into wrestling and a little bit into sports. The only downside is that shes heavily country, meaning she does country shit. For those who know me, thats NOT who i am. Im into sports, and doing "sweet shit", which she isnt into. Oh well

Let's fast forward a few weeks. The first official hangout, playing pool. Fun times were had, till an altercation with some douchebags regarding one of the female friends other friends. You know what they say, if you're willing to get your ass kicked with a female, then you should marry her instantly...(unless she can name 5 Intercontinental Champions, then theres really no need for that). Anyway, im getting off topic here. Let's fly through June, cause not much had happened. Some band shows come and go, and random flirting happens. Only this time, MY friends end up seeing it and start messing with me about it. That doesnt bother me, shows people that im actually happy for once.

Middle of July comes, she goes to Sinix where i wanted her to meet my best friend, whos also female. They were going to wingman for me while i mingled with my other friends, so she left early and i gave them my cell so they could text her. I wont get into details on that one but yeah lol. Week after comes, and she finally comes over my house the day after her birthday to swim. Amazing day, couldnt ask for anything better. But here comes the sad part...

There were rumblings that she was talking to some other dude at the time we were hanging out (by this time, she was well aware that i was into her), and i was watching here and there. WELL, August comes...and TBH this is hell month. We dont hang for a while, then im told "we have to talk about some things". Alright, fine, tell me the inevitable...time passes and this talk never happens. A few weeks pass, and one of my close friends tells me that the girl i like is officially dating some other dude. Meanwhile one of my other buddies is going nuts, wanting to tell her off. She does, and i get a phone call from my female friend going off...i played it cool and calm. She tells me later on in a text message that "She was going to give me a chance but she wanted to warn me of her troubles..." Really? REALLY????? You tell me this and yet you're slagging some other dude on the side? After this, i stopped talking to her. No texting, no Facebooking. I was PISSED. Then she starts posting cryptic shit on Facebook about "soul searching" and stuff about "missing you". Then she tells my 17 year old cousin that "she thinks the world of me and is unsure of what she feels." Ugh...just UGH.

In closing, if you guys were wondering why i havent been here a lot, this is why. My life has gone up...and then all the way down. The only upside right now, is that i reconnected with an old friend i dated years ago, and we're friends again, which is awesome. Also, my best friend is gonna have a baby in October and im gonna be an uncle. TBH right now, thats the only thing that matters to me.

So, thats my life in a nutshell. I know people shouldnt divulge personal information like this on forums, but we have a blog section and im going for a walk here in a minute. Anyways...how was your guys' day?

If my life were an open book, it would be one hell of a read.... 2lnk842
If my life were an open book, it would be one hell of a read.... Fs_lastplayed
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If my life were an open book, it would be one hell of a read.... :: Comments

You need to watch 500 Days of Summer.

If my life were an open book, it would be one hell of a read.... Tumblr_lzgdxv0pox1qbru0co1_500

Mistake #1: You should've been honest with your feelings from the beginning. Ask her out. Straight up. No bullshit. No stupid indirect Facebook statuses. By not being honest from the beginning, another guy got what you wanted.

Something to keep in mind for you and all guys out there: Girls/women are not a prize. You cannot "win" a girl. If she is not interested romantically, she is not interested. It has nothing to do with "friendzoning" the "good guys." The opposite situation is just as true. Girls can't win guys over. It's there or it isn't.
Thing is, i was honest 100% of the time and upfront about everything. Also, never said she was a prize to be won, i dont think like that, never have. This is just the short version, i can text youmore if you wish
You didn't mention that you told her how you feel. If a guy was making indirect statuses that involved me I'd get angry lol.

If you were upfront about your feelings, what did she say in response?
The Sexy Vixen
pack it up and move on would be my advice.

tons of women out there, hun hugs
Sounds like you've been in a similar situation to what I was in recently. My ex was posting some stuff on Facebook the other day that was hardly fair. None of the soul searching stuff, more the other end of the scale, being down right insulting. I was moping around for a bit, but now I've jsut thought: fuck it. I'm not gonna pine for this one girl, she was the one who fucked up in the first place, I'm not gonna feel guilty about that.

Girls come and girls go, don't let yourself get caught up on this one girl. The right girl won't toy with you, she'll be there for you and you'll be even happier than you were with the previous. As Vix says, all you can really do is move on.

If my life were an open book, it would be one hell of a read....

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