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 A Dead-View: Curse of Chucky

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PostA Dead-View: Curse of Chucky

A Dead-View: Curse of Chucky Curse-of-chucky-blu-ray-cov-200x200

Hello fright fans! It is I, your resident uncrowned "king" of horror, Dead with another horror movie review, this time we take a look inside the franchise known as Child's Play and the 6th installment of the series in "Curse of Chucky". This film came out on VOD just yesterday while a DVD release is scheduled for October 8th. Let's break down the film, shall we?

They sure did know how to make this doll a little bit more creepier, didnt they? I mean, just look at the poster and all the still images on the internet, he looks CREEPY. He's voiced by the same actor as all the previous ones, Brad Dourif, and gone is the slapstick comedy that was found in Bride and Seed of Chucky. He's actually scary again!

The Story and Acting
Even though this movie is straight to DVD, the acting is actually top notch. The main character makes you feel for her condition as she is confined to a wheelchair and her older sister is kind of a bitch in the fact that she wants to sell off their deceased mother's home. Of course, there is a little girl who gets attached to Chucky and thinks that Chucky actually speaks to her (which he does later on in the movie) and the character we all paid to see, Chucky. There is also a side story of sorts where the sister thinks her husband is sleeping with the nanny and vice versa and they throw in a swerve with that which i enjoyed. The kills are in typical Chucky fashion, by way of the good ol kitchen knife. But they arent as silly as say, the ones in Seed of Chucky were, those were just over the top.

My Final Thoughts
This was a well written movie (it was written by the same guy who wrote the first 5 films before this) and it was generally entertaining. My only gripe is the ending but i wont get into that without spoiling it for people who want to see it. I like how it continued the story from the first 3 and kinda sorta ignored Bride of Chucky. Overall, a good movie for straight to DVD, if there's another sequel not counting the supposed reboot, i'll be interested.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5.

A Dead-View: Curse of Chucky 2lnk842
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Did You Miss Her?
Re: A Dead-View: Curse of Chucky
Post Wed 25 Sep 2013, 6:35 pm by Did You Miss Her?
Me and my freak of week will be watching this later on, great review by the way. Will U be doing more of these?
Re: A Dead-View: Curse of Chucky
Post Wed 25 Sep 2013, 7:18 pm by Dead
Yeah, i just noticed the text is a different color. I shoulda changed that
Re: A Dead-View: Curse of Chucky
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A Dead-View: Curse of Chucky

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