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Welp, for those who remember me making MUGEN shows, ive finally re-gained my interest in pumping out videos lol. This week, ill prolly kick out 2 episodes, maybe tuesday and wednesday, or whenever im not feeling lazy.

No Mercy shit is coming to you all! Ill be putting together matches and PPVs and what not, and ill be doing a special WD Halloween themed PPV possibly next sunday.

More sports tournaments coming as well, im a busy bitch.
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Alright so this is another update on me.

Right now, I have 2 projects on the go; Big Brother & Trapped.
Big Brother is almost finished, but Trapped isn't even in the middle of its season.

Currently, I'm almost at the end of my semester, which means TONS of homework.
So I don't really have time to write any episodes right now.

I can assure you, though, that I'm definitely looking into finishing both these projects, and starting my very own "network".

I don't know if any admins would let me have my very own writing section, but it would be very...
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It hurts so good...

My heart aches
My soul aches
My head aches
My eyes ache

My heart loves
My soul says to continue
My head says to stop
My eyes see beauty

I wouldn't give up the pain to give up the love.


Why does she exist, I can't have that girl today
Why does she exist, I wonder what's in her DNA
Why does she exist, why does she do the things she do
Why does she exist, does she exist just to be my muse

Why does she exist, funny how this takes you by surprise
Why does...
by Sticky!! - Comments: 1 - Views: 241

..and im just as shocked, mainly because my channel (the MUGEN one) doesnt have the subscribers, nor it doesnt have off the wall channel views. I'm pondering whether or not to take the risk, and fill out whatever they need me to fill out. I probably dont meet any of the requirements to earn any money, but one can only hope!
by Dead - Comments: 8 - Views: 282



Hopefully evangeline posts the pictures soon. I had an awesome shirt lol you'll see it when the pics are posted on FB.

But seriously i was the star of the party everyone enjoyed my company and was soooo happy to see i made it, was a bit of a surprise for everyone.

Soo yes i'm invited to the next party again :p

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for those who read my last blog you know my father recently died. i found out i have 2 brothers..1 older and 1 younger.

so anyway now we are going through his personal affairs and it seems there is alot more stuff he left for me and my brothers than what my dad's sister led us to believe. Basically she is hiding shit from us...like the fact my dad has thousands in the bank...most likely from a life insurance policy. she also sold one of my dad's cars before contacting any of us to ask if we wanted it or not. that car was rightfully ours. i'm not letting her take his house....
by The Sexy Vixen - Comments: 10 - Views: 255

I keep getting redirected to boardedits everytime i try heading to the main forum......can anyone helpz me Teary Eyed
by KTV-Time - Comments: 5 - Views: 233

about 45 minutes ago. (1am EST) i got a phonecall from a woman. She asked for me by my full name. I was a bit scared but i told her she had the right person. she then says 'Your brother wants to tak to you'

Brother? WTF?

I was stunned...she said my brother, who is 20, wanted to talk to me because he had some bad news. Soon this guy with a medium tone voice gets on the phone and tells me our father passed away in december last year. He died in his sleep do to an overdose of meds he was taking for his back.

I was stunned...I still am stunned. My father dies and I...
by The Sexy Vixen - Comments: 6 - Views: 212

They show those commercials when they show the animals in cages and show then in bad conditions.And they try to make you call and adobt them.I fuckin hate them shits.
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 2 - Views: 225

Drama class that is. I love acting, but in this class the kids are like me, we all get along, and they all love me and think im so funny and think i should have my own tv show smile they are so nice to me and its the one class i can actually be me , myself and not worry about being judged. I have my little clique in that class, stephanie, natasha, maya, keyla, peyton , they make me feel good aboout being myself, i get crazy an we love to booty pop on eachother , hehe. the dudes in the class arent jerks at all to me, we play...
by REIGNBOW - Comments: 2 - Views: 292

Yeah I'm going from Ohio to Michigan for the weekend. I leave tomorrow morning at 6:30am. 4 hour drive. I'll be staying in a hotel Friday and then with friends saturday night and all day Sunday. and just enjoying some 'me' time. My daughter is spending the weekend with her dad and my brother. i'll be back late sunday night (like 2am or so) I'm excited to finally get out of the state and just have some fun. i just got paid too ^.^

You all have a great weekend. i'lll miss this place. If my hotel has wi-fi or somehing I might be able to check in around here. If not, I'll be back Sunday...
by The Sexy Vixen - Comments: 8 - Views: 279

For whatever reason, here recently ive been getting the itch to start writing. It doesnt matter what it is, i just wanna write. Ive been looking at the board, and wanting to create a fantasy game from scratch, involving either like...wrestlers, forum members or whatever, i havent decided yet. But the problem is, i sometimes daydream and forget what i'm supposed to do. Help me please? Lol. .
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Anyone who enjoys the shark genre of horror films, knows that it is really hit and miss. There's Jaws, that will always be known as the cult classic and which legit scared beachgoers out of the water for years to come. There is also Deep Blue Sea, which showed sharks as genetically engineered cold blooded killers. Although, there are the failures such as Shark Attack, Open Water, Jaws The Revenge among many others, but this isnt about those, this is about Shark Night, lets get to it shall...
by Dead - Comments: 0 - Views: 205

It went very well and I and extremely excited about a future at this school. I plan to enroll, but I'm just need a little time to prep for the assessment exam, and I didn't have the enrollment fee cash with me ($50)

The next semester begins October 24th. The one following begins sometime, next month. I'm more inclined to jump at the opportunity to start next month. All I have to do is take the exam - I'll have two chances at it, with tutoring. smile

I need 8 full semesters to get my degree, which...
by Paul Wyatt - Comments: 5 - Views: 332

Right now i'm in a situation where i have no idea what my next move is.

I'm supposed to be moving but thus far i can't find a place to live. It's getting annoying and hard right now.

I have no idea what to do next. Seemingly i'm going to be cut off from the Student aid here, ebcause i'll be written out of mys school since i don't have much to do and i have this month to finish.

So for the next few months i won't be getting any student finance. No money for the next 4 months.

I'm currently applying to start to do my bachelor in Communication Studies, that...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 5 - Views: 237


You can create anything!

The universe has already answered all your wishes and prayers.

All possibilities already exist in various different timelines.

So anything is possible! Read the link to find out how.

We activate the...
by Sticky!! - Comments: 4 - Views: 256

I don't want to go back to school. I've decided to go back to school. I dunno what I want to do.

Last week, I requested info from the Art Institute of NY about their Digital Film Making Program (editing, etc.) I spoke with the lady over the phone, but I never went to see her in person about the program, career opportunities, financial aid, etc. I guess I was never that serious about it.

As recently as yesterday, I was taking a look at Devry University's Game & Simulation Program(Bachelor's.) Who knows... maybe if I stick to this and work hard, I'll end up working on Madden...
by Paul Wyatt - Comments: 10 - Views: 300

Well this day was kinda a bust. I know everything happens for a reason. But was the reason so that the universe can give me a big fuck you?

I was supposed to meet up with one of my best friends today. But he had to work. He called few minutes after I left.

So now I didn't have shit to do.

Krav Maga and Rios is closed so I couldn't go to the gym or get a haircut.

Today is "someones" birthday.

I wrote her a badass rap and she liked it. She said "Thanks a bunch."

Well I told her about today and posted it again on her FB.

by Sticky!! - Comments: 9 - Views: 324

With recent issues and shit from the past of dating online, ive decided that i don't want to do that anymore. Honestly, i want a relationship with someone i can call up and can actually come see me, then and now. But no one likes me, and or finds me attractive. I've tried and, it's just to the point where i'd like to give up, either they are taken, see me as a friend, or too good for me. Why is it so hard, i know ugly bitches who get more guys than i do, and i just can't seem to find a guy i like to actually like me back, or an actual guy who likes...
by REIGNBOW - Comments: 19 - Views: 510

I cant belive this is happening to me Im at my cousions house watching her kids and her and her boyfriend got into a big fight and now she has the house on lockdown.I feel like theres about to be a big fight coming an I just dont want this to happen.I had to deal with this when I was a kid when my parents were fighting I dont want this to happen again.What should I do i cant leave the house.
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 2 - Views: 221

Yes I got a job Interview next week!!!.I might be workin at target soon!!!.Yes I cant wait to start wish me luck!!!
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 11 - Views: 292

Alright, at first this will sound like a scam, but I SWEAR on my life this site is legit.

Yesterday I recieved PWG DVD from this site called Prizerebel. COMPLETELY FREE!! How is this possible?

I did like 25 1-5 minute(s) surveys and got like 11 points, I SWEAR this site is legit, I literally can show you proof, just pm me fore the proof, I will screencap the proof of me ordering it/ the dvd!


You can recieve, Gift cards...
by .Roray.Anderson.GX. - Comments: 3 - Views: 303

my mom and i talked yesterday. She's been thinking about moving back home to new york. I guess i wouldn
't mind as long as i can graduate here and chiz. I do will miss my best friend, (she'll be so sad without me, vice/versa) But i wanna leave, i mean im so sick of florida, im sick of the kids at my school, i just wanna finish this year and leave. Florida we are all alone. New york i have a shit ton of relatives there, i mean, ny also has some of the best performing arts colleges/school in the world. I wanna be an actress and i mean its the big apple ya know. She wants to live in the city...
by REIGNBOW - Comments: 4 - Views: 450

Well decided to go back into the vault and came across this. Been going through some stuff lately and well, this pretty much sums up how i feel. Not really happy with a few things in my life and well it's becomming a struggle and losing patience and losing escuses and reasons. This was written by me actually. On July 14th 2008.

Who's to blame?

.. ..

.. ..

If a tear was time, time would have flown by.

Which is why, I try not to cry.

.. ..

by KTV-Time - Comments: 3 - Views: 277

I'm in love with a girl I can't have. I didn't choose it. She's just a beautiful soul. I knew her for just as long as her boyfriend.

I bypassed like and literally just fell in love even though I tried to fight it.

Like Dark Phoenix "I CAN'T CONTROL IT!"

I'm just another innocent bystander.

I kinda sorta maybe wrote her a song. She read it and I got that "AW:)" I wanted.

So I been complementing her. I can't help it.

I pm'ed her and I think I may have went to far telling her that I never officially liked her but just care about her.
by Sticky!! - Comments: 5 - Views: 281

Well, i finally decided to sit my ass down and watch the latest Final Destination flick today, entitled "Final Destination 5", catchy title right? It doesnt disregard the fact the 4th one, which was titled "The Final Destination" was implying it would be the last in the series. But anyway, i digress:

Your typical "kid has a vision of seeing everyone die, 10 minutes later that vision comes true." Dont get me wrong, i love these movies, but this kinda has run its course after a while, mainly because if you havent seen the first 4....
by Dead - Comments: 1 - Views: 221

So after Irene hit on sunday I lost my power and it was off till saturday.So I had been staying over a friends house till the power came back on.So i just got home and trying to get some laundry done.
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 1 - Views: 228

i cut my first and middle fingers on my left hand today at work. i did it on the meat slicer as I was cutting deli meat for a customer. there was so much blood. i was sent home early after filling out an accident report.
so much blood....
the cuts weredeep so t might be awhile before they heal. in the mean time my fingers hurt so bad. I will likely be typing weird for weeks.
by The Sexy Vixen - Comments: 9 - Views: 410

K, so, who has seen this movie? If not, here is the plot:

Quote :
As a widower tries to piece together his life in the wake of his wife's
suicide, his daughter finds solace -- at first -- in her imaginary

I just wanna say that, at first, i thought there would be some kind of
legit scare, but NO...I WAS WRONG. Robert DeNiro is ok in this film, but
id like to see him in an actual horror movie, not a freaking thriller
by Dead - Comments: 7 - Views: 255

Of course, itll be a wrestling podcast, with a bunch of peeps i know from a gaming website that has a small wrestling community in it. Talked about it last night, tested it out during and even hours after Smackdown ended, and it went off very well. Question is, once it gets made...would you guys listen to it? I WILL be ranting on the Matt Hardy thing that just happened, plus the downfall of the Hardys in general.
by Dead - Comments: 12 - Views: 373

I need a small place to vent and this seems like a good place to start

My dog a border collie/german sheperd cross who is 14 years old has taken a turn for the worse
her mid section has swollen, she is finding it hard to walk and stand and stay still, her gums are swollen and limp and hanging.....rang the vet saying its an emergency and she needs bringing in asap.

problem being is i can't afford to pay for a cab to take her 3 towns over to the nearest place....and i have no one that drives so it is fucking hopeless

Ive had this dog for 75% of my current life...
by The LL Father - Comments: 8 - Views: 382

Im not trying to sound like a spoiled brat but tbh, Im tired of my parents' crap, they getting my hopes up and then crushing them, this has all happened within two weeks:

Let me buy the CM Punk shirt: I had money to buy it, they didnt even take the time to lemme talk to them and buy it

Take me to a store to get sumtin I wanted: once again, had the money and they were to lazy to take me,

Buy ROH tickets: they said they would atleast talk about it by sunday (the day before they were on sale)...they say they're gonna go talk about it, 5 mins later...I walk in...
by .Roray.Anderson.GX. - Comments: 6 - Views: 512

Ok so Im trying not to hear it and Im doing everything that I can not to hear it but I keep hearing my mom have sex with her corny ass boyfriend.I try to do everything like listen to music turn the tv louder.It just dosent work.What should I do should I talk to my mom and tell her to keep it down?.I dont know what too do.
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 4 - Views: 236

I'm in this fed, and there are just a bunch of beautoful girls posting pics of themselves and all the guys go goo goo gaga over them, and they become the new c=box queen and are so popular and everyone flirts with them, while me im in the shadows getting pissed ,this one girl posted pics of a parrty she went to her grinding on some guys and girls and everyone almost went crazy about im the only girl in the chat besides her and im trying to change the subject im making smiles tht im annoyed andthey keep going, then i go to the post a pic of yourself section where she posted pics and everyone has...
by REIGNBOW - Comments: 13 - Views: 398

Well, apparently there was an incident involving someone in my family earlier today. When I found out about it, I was primed to whoop ass. I've had some time to relax, but needless to say I'm pissed off, and a little woried about what I may do when I see the person who did it. I WILL see this person!
by Paul Wyatt - Comments: 9 - Views: 303

I fuckin HATE fake ass people!!.I swear I though these people were my friends and they just turn on me and a second.I mean I was always the type of person that people can lean on and talk too but I guess it is what it is.I guess the only friend i can depend on is me.
by #WeWantTaryn - Comments: 6 - Views: 301

by Eric - Comments: 8 - Views: 498

Recently i've been looking back at my life and just see how so many people are progressing in certain area's of their life and I just feel stuck, inexperienced in life.

I just want to change my outlook in life, change myself, change Me.

But honestly, i have no idea if i do change it's for the good.

I just feel unhappy with my life and i i wish i could blame anyone, all i can do is blame myself honestly and that's what hurts the most.

For the last 2/3 months i've been thinking about it and just feeling depressed. I honestly thought time home and this holiday...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 4 - Views: 269

For this morning I received an email telling me I had a place at uni for next year.

I should be receiving my letter of acceptance in the next few days.

Although where I'm studying is unclear at the moment, it looks like I'll be studying at Orkney College, traveling down to Perth for some classes.

I will be studying BA (Hons) Scottish History and Archaeology, with the intention of becoming a teacher in the future.

I'm really really happy right now, I'll have to go into school next week for admin purposes, but otherwise I'm free till September.
by VLG. - Comments: 6 - Views: 295


I competed in the Under 17s Division 1 Rugby League Grand Final. I played with Aberdeen Spartans.
by VLG. - Comments: 3 - Views: 288

After searching for weeks online for any information on kyle on whether he was arrested and stuff, i found NOTHING. You would think after beating a guy to death it would be in some sort of article, and he would be in the jail right? ok well i serched went to his county jail inmates he isnt in there i went through ALL of them, i search first , last name, DOB and everything NO RECORD. i am the stupidest bitch in the world. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE. i moved on. Im like done, i just i cant deal with men anymore.
by REIGNBOW - Comments: 0 - Views: 252

First off let me say, had a wonderful time. Family time is ALWAYS a nice time. Regardless of the situation. Secondly, NCD sorry but this MIGHT be long lol.

So went camping next to the beach with my family. Was nice. The first night was heller funny since well my family are a bunch of lunatics. The first night was basically chilling around getting used to the place. It was rather funny seeing my dad being the first person to go to sleep. Since he was preaching the day before ďOh Iím not staying, I got to work tomorrow blah blah blahĒ but he was the first to fall asleep lol.
by KTV-Time - Comments: 11 - Views: 458

SOO iím off to a weekend of fun. Going camping next to the beach for a few days will be internetless for a few days, well electronicless. Going with family, will be taking loads of pictures of course. Recently Iíve been rather depressed because of some deep deep personal stuff and will take this weekend to catch myself.

Not happy with the choices Iíve made in my life, things I didnít do and things I still want to. Was on the verge of doing something pretty dumb, but will hold it off, but itís not out of the question. Also question the people I have in my life atm, people I talk to regularly,...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 3 - Views: 404

So itís been 5 days since landing on Planet home and so far the weather is super hot. Which isnít too bad after a long winter in Holland.

So far contacted 3 old friends on FB. Making plans to meet up so thatís super exciting.

Saw both my grandmothers. Both dealing with stuff. Stuff I fear I could never overcome. Simply because I was never someone meant for medical care. My one grandmother had 2 toes amputated while my other fell and broke her hip not to long ago. My stomach canít withstand many of these things but Iím trying. Luckily I canít see the amputated toes since they...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 4 - Views: 327

I'm gonna be away for the next week. I am taking part in an Army Insight Course, so will be away from tomorrow till the following weekend.

If The Apprentice Reality Game starts I'll have to pick it up when I get back.

I don't tihnk I have anything else to clear up, so I'll see you peeps in a week.
by VLG. - Comments: 7 - Views: 385

Well, yesterday...had an uncle pass away from cancer. what makes it difficult, is it was my godfather so like...yeah. today, my 2 cousins came over today and were all rattled (it was their father as well) and like yeah. for some odd reason, familiy members don't really hit me as hard as they would someone else, I guess it's from knowing the end was inevitable and nothing could be done. got the viewing to go to and I love those oh so much.

other thing that's bugging me, went to the local rock club with some friends to see a few other friends and one of my female cousins in a band play...
by Dead - Comments: 5 - Views: 356

As you should know i have had the best 6 mont si could ever have with my boyfriend kyle. As of lately he hasnt contacted me i found out why, he's in jail for beating up a guy for hitting a girl. Apperently the guy he beat up died. Now he faces manslaughter. He beat a guy to death. His bail is set high, and he might get off with 12 to 24 months with invoulntary, but he might be in jail for years, what mi gonna do he said "I love you very much, but if im in here for a couple years, i dont want you to wait for me" guuyswhat am i gonna do i love him, this messes up our plans, i want to tell him i...
by REIGNBOW - Comments: 9 - Views: 583

So starting soon i will be on here limited. Iím heading towards my cousin now so we can head to Amsterdam and go out and eat and watch a movie. We are going to watch the latest Tranformers moviesÖ.dunno which it isÖ3rd? 4th? No clueÖ.i only saw the firstÖ..partially so meh.

Then might come on after that BUT would rather take my chances watching Dance Academy (which is like my new favorite show likeÖever) and might prowl on here. Will head to bed early seeing that I need to be at the airport at 6:30 AM and my 32 Hour day begins soon!!!

Excited to go homeÖ..NOT to excited...
by KTV-Time - Comments: 12 - Views: 403

please read
by REIGNBOW - Comments: 5 - Views: 278

It's seem like lately, i have nothing good to think or say about myself. I'm just sick of living this life that i pretend is so good. but its the opposite. whats the point of living if you dont even like yourself? your life? and sometimes your own family. cant trust to talk to my own mother, without everyone else in the world finding out. i couldnt go to her and tell her how i felt, cause she wouldnt take me serious, she would have someone else try to talk to me. i cant reach out, she doesnt care, she said im only hurting myself so why not commit the ultamite hurt,...
by REIGNBOW - Comments: 3 - Views: 530
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